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Automated Lighting in Vancouver
Automated Lighting
is All About Creating the Perfect Ambience at the Ideal Time.

Total light control uses the perfect combination of natural sunlight and interior lighting. With the touch of a button, we can create a perfectly lit environment to match the desired mood with our speciality scenes.

From WELCOME scenes, including several lights that ensure you never enter a dark house to a GOOD NIGHT scene that not only turns the lights inside the house off but also draws your shades and sets your home up for a good night’s sleep – and everything in between.

Let us show you how automated lighting can be the single best choice you select to invest in for your family.

Lifestyle Automated Lighting in Vancouver
Window Coverings in Vancouver
Window Coverings
Have Become the Cornerstone of Our Business.

Our product line ranges from the very highest end automated drapery tracks and roller shades to the smallest manual shades available on the market.

Our philosophy of LEADING with the design is what sets us apart in this category.

We work diligently to make sure designers, architects and homeowners have access to the very best products available, and we all work as a team creating the site plans to ensure that we deliver the HIGHEST QUALITY finished product on the market.

Our certified technicians will make sure that every last bit of care and attention is paid to your install to ensure that every detail is perfect for you.

Lifestyle Highest Quality Products Vancouver
Home Automation In Vancouver
Home Automation
This is What We Do!

We provide a vibrant and unique home integration in an ever-changing world of technology.

We enhance your lifestyle by integrating high quality and high-performance technology into your homes and projects.

From CONCEPTION to COMPLETION we are a design and build organization that brings more than just products to the table; we fulfil your dreams.

We enable you to seamlessly control virtually every aspect of your home either through intuitive buttons, stand-alone options, the time of day, or simply by your proximity to your home, to name a few.

Lifestyle Conception To Completion Vancouver
Without Aesthetic or Control Sacrifice.

Do you ever wonder how to create the perfect temperature within your home without having those ugly thermostats on the wall?

At Premier Automation and Design, we are very serious about getting as many devices off your walls as possible, while at the same time giving you better and easier access to CONTROL your ENVIRONMENT.

We can help you reduce your “wall acne” by integrating your HVAC into our whole home automation system and give you extensive access to control without having technology clutter your walls.

Better yet, why not have the system control itself? We can show you how.

Environmental Control System in Vancouver