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We know that designing for the modern-era home and incorporating new technologies into your designs is no easy task. With changing regulations, new building standards, and clients’ diverse expectations, you have more than enough on your plate. That is why partnering with a technology integrator, like us, during your initial design phase will help you to meet your clients’ and builders expectations while making the process easy and avoid time-consuming, costly changes later in the process.

We are technology integrators that have worked with renowned architects, builders, award-winning design firms and their clients for over 20 years to define technology needs, and then handle the design and installation of customized smart home technologies.

How we Collaborate with You:
System design consultations –with you, your client and/or contractor
Technology Integration Expertise
Free CEU training
Increased Revenue with Custom Spec Programs Designed with you in mind
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We make functionality and form come together in your designs with the perfect blend of the latest technologies all while preserving the architectural and interior details and furnishings you’ve so carefully chosen. Understanding all of the options for home technology systems can seem daunting and overwhelming. Whether you have had a client inquire about technology integration or you want to begin designing homes that incorporate and anticipate your clients’ technology requirements, we provide just what you need, when you need it.

Come to our Design Studio to experience first hand the technology you are specifying for your clients.

How we Collaborate with You:
System design consultations – onsite with you and your clients
Designer-friendly products
Technology integration expertise and project management
Free CEU Lunch and Learns
Increased Revenue with Custom Spec Programs Designed with you in mind
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We are very aware of the difficulty builders are facing with the ever changing landscape of home automation. As your clients start to demand a certain level of automation throughout the house, having a partner that will take the time from start to finish to make sure every trade is on the same page is critical. Nowadays virtually every trade has the opportunity to become part of the integrated home. The question is who takes the lead to make sure everything to work together seamlessly? That’s where we come in. With our exclusive Integration Concierge Service we make sure that we walk your clients through every important decision right at the beginning. This helps save costly change orders and delivers an end result that the client is expecting.

Our services include:
Whole home automation and A/V needs
Lighting, shades and temperature controls
Whole Home Audio
Outdoor AV solutions
Home network systems
Security and access control