The right amount of Sun!

The right amount of Sun!

Have you been looking for automated window coverings in Vancouver? We are a company with 20 plus years of experience and know the value of good automated window coverings.

We have an excellently trained staff that is always up to date with installation and technology. Things you can expect from some of our great automated window covering systems:

  • Quiet opening and closing
  • Smart opening and closing based on the solar sensor
  • Scheduled opening and closing


We believe in an automated window system’s ability to help with security. It’s harder to tell when a resident is away if the shades are adjusting automatically.

Our automated window systems make the shades cord tangle-free. No more worries about children or pets getting tangled in the cords.


These systems also make it so previously unreachable window coverings can be adjusted. We’ve heard from customers who have mobility issues that this has been a definite standard of life increase.

In the past rooms have just had to remain dark. Windows you can expect to now have easy access to are:

  • Skylights
  • Floor to Ceiling
  • Second-floor height windows

Having access to even the tallest windows shades is great for controlling the amount of light you are wanting in a room.

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Contact us for a quote and to set up a consultation. We’ll hard to make them a great experience with a result you’ll love.

We are proud to be a company in Vancouver and will be excited to share our expertise with you.


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